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Photo: When she came onstage she wa...

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When she came onstage she was a real stage animal... #a_dancers_life #met #abt #newyork #in_the_wings

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Photo: ‘Chillin’ like a...

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'Chillin' like a villain'... Colleague Roman Zhurbin aka Van Rothbart during last season's run of Swan Lake at the MET... #newyork #abt #met #a_dancers_life #behind_the_curtain #costume

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Photo: Looking back: One day during...

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Looking back: One day during the last MET season... #abt #met #in_the_wings #behind_the_curtain #a_dancers_life #newyork #rehearsal #light #

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Essay: How an Ape Alien Influenced ...

Posted on: March 4th, 2012 by Daniil 8 Comments


      I am a geek. People who define themselves as geeks do so with utmost confidence. As the scholar Joshua Blu Buhs, who writes on topics related to popular culture, argues, we see ourselves as the modern cowboys, as the “wildmen of the cyberfrontier” (70). We use it as a “term of pride as self-reference,” (Dictionary.com). We embrace our way of life, our predispositions, our love for technology, and our way of thinking. Complex systems and abstractions from reality tend to fascinate us.

      As with many geeks, throughout my life, I have embraced the characteristics of obsession. We geeks are “identifiable by a singular obsessivity about the things they love, both work and play.” (Blu Buhs 68)

      In my childhood, I often indulged in intense infatuations, whether it was the latest computer game or a collection of trading cards. No matter what the endeavor, I wholeheartedly devoted myself to mastering the current task, whether it was having the biggest collection of trading cards in my school class or mastering a computer game completely. I took no prisoners with my inner geek.
One of these obsessions happened to be a deep interest in Japanese animation, also called anime. In their original conceptions, anime and manga, which is the book form of the same art work, differed in their style and themes from western animations, but not anymore.

      Of the shift, Steven Brown, who writes frequently on anime, says:

Instead of being defined as a pale reflection of national cinema, anime is repositioned along a continuum of visual production mapped in relation to the intersecting and multidirectional lines of transnational movement out of which political, economic, social, technological, ethnic, and aesthetic flows emerge, coalesce, enter into conflict, and take flight. (Brown 1)

      I was especially involved with one particular series called Dragon Ball and its sequels Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. This series told the tale of an ape-like alien, Son-Goku, who is sent from his home planet, due to its impending destruction by a mass-destructive alien. It seems (at least at first) that he is the lone survivor of his race. He lands on earth as a child, and, during the first moments on the planet, he hits his head and suffers from amnesia. He forgets everything he knew about his home world and why he is on earth. He embarks on a far-reaching adventure to find the seven “Dragon Balls,” which, if located and brought together, can grant him one wish. Several times during the story, the whole world is at stake, and, together with his archetypal allies, Son-Goku has to fight many enemies in order to save the world. He marries and has sons. His enemies become his allies. He dies and comes back to live, through a wish from his friends.

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Photo: Looking back: Right before c...

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Looking back: Right before colleague Hee Seo's entrance on her debut in Giselle #newyork #a_dancers_life #behind_the_curtain #in_the_wings #met #abt

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Photo: A new technique of the ABT w...

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A new technique of the ABT women to prepare their shoes... #abt #a_dancers_life #newyork #rehearsal

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Photo: From underneath… #chan...

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From underneath... #chandalier #newyork #circle #light #architecture

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Photo: Beauty lies in the… #n...

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Beauty lies in the... #newyork #reflection #architecture #light

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Photo: Legendary Julie Kent @jkenta...

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Legendary Julie Kent @jkentabt and her daughter Josephine #a_dancers_life #newyork #abt #studio_style

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Photo: The city which never sleeps&...

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The city which never sleeps... or so they say. #newyork #architecture #light

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